Hello! My name is Alena.

I am 14 years old, I live in California, and I am working on a school Exhibition Project.

Like many other teens seem to be doing, I went through a period where I was cutting myself, to kind of escape from things that were bothering me. Because of this, I decided to do my Exhibition project on Cutting, or Self-Injury in teens.
Part of my Project is to build this Web page, which I will use to contact as many other teens as I can who have had personal experience with Cutting. I would like to get input from as many of you as possible about your experiences, what help you have gotten, and all that.
I will gather these inputs together, and publish a report for my final Project. This report and the short input answers I receive will also be published here, so everyone can see that they are not alone, and learn from others' experiences.

Down below, you will find links to my Input page, the Research Paper I have already completed, and a list of links for help and information.

Thank you very much for coming and reading my site, and I hope you will click through to the Input page, and tell me about yourself.
I do not keep track of your computer or any information other than what you input yourself.
Everything on the Input page is optional, but the more you can tell me, the more it will help me, others who read it, and just maybe, even yourself.
Feel free to type as much as you want. The input boxes can hold a LONG story!

Thank you again!
Sincerely, Alena

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