Date: Thu May 11 07:28:10 2006
Your Story: Um, well i have never cut myself and never thought of doing that. I do have low self esteem issues though so i can tell you some things about that. What made me start thinking badly about myself was when i was in middle school and all the "popular" guys made fun of my looks. They always teased me and told me i was ugly and that i was a loser. Some of the things i would do was try to ignore it, but it really hurt me when the guys told me that.
Have you quit? i dont cut
What has helped? well nothing really at this precise moment. Mom has been taking my to a therapist and i guess the lady named J�. is going to help me out with my low self esteem

Date: Thu May 11 18:58:20 2006
Your Story: I really don't understand how cutting yourself will help you escape from things that are bothering you. I think it just gives you another thing that bothers you. It may distract you from other things for a while, but the other things will come back sooner or later. I have many friends who have gotten depressed and fell back to cutting. The only thing that i saw happen was get them in trouble. Teachers, parents, and other peers gave them a hard time because they were cutting.
Have you quit? I've considered cutting but never did it.

Date: Thu May 11 21:00:37 2006
Your Story: i have had no experience to the point where i had to hurt myself to get out of a situation.
Have you quit? i don't cut
What has helped? i don't cut

Date: Fri May 12 23:55:25 2006
Your Story: Well I�ve been a cutter since i was about 11 or 12. I have always been depressed. Even when i was little. Well I�ll just keep rambling on about ill try and keep this short. Im the least gurl ud except 2 be funny, outgoing, unique, and very talented @ sports/acting/singing/dancing. And yea. Well i used 2 cut deep cutts...but i got smart and realized that the deeper the cutt the bigger the scar. Well about 3 weeks before spring break, i started to "erase my pain away". But then i realised that id be swimming and be in the sun over break. And Yea. For 6 weeks at the Campbell Center place I took a Middle School IOP class, which is where i met Alena. Last summer for 4 weeks i stayed at [a counselling center]. I had fun, but there were lots of kids in the same situation as me. And some in worse cases. Basically now i appreciate what i have.
Have you quit? not really...
What has helped? Friends. My awsome YOUTH GROUP. but mostly friends

Date: Sun May 14 19:02:37 2006
Your Story: i have a lot of friends who do cut, and i used to, i don't really want to say more than that
Have you quit? i think so
What has helped? my boyfriend

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