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Design & Construction

Sundial Cupola Installation in Tucson Arizona USA

You can make a sundial cupola, tower or chimney out of almost any material. The cross-sectional shape can be any polygon with any number of sides and it can even be circular. If you don't want to make your own, you can modify an existing one or buy a stock cupola from one of many retail suppliers and modify it so that it will accommodate the sundials. Or, if your requirements are exacting, you can order a custom-made cupola from a professional cupola or steeple manufacturer. See the FAQ link below for links to manufacturers. You can find professional sundial designers and makers in the links below.

Below are links to my original construction drawings and photos of a 36 inch wide four-side cupola sundial in Tucson Arizona. Feel free to use my construction plans to construct your own sundial cupola. You can take my drawings and modify them to make any changes you need to. There is no copywrite protection. Of course, the sundial drawings will have to be custom-made for different locations. After investigating the best designs by others, I've come up with a design that is attractive, sturdy and uses materials of standard US dimensions that are easily found at any lumber yard.

The entire cupola including the weathervane and sundials is 100" (250cm) tall and 47" (119cm) wide. Each round sundial face is 21" in diameter and is made of stainless steel with baked-on porcelain sundial designs. The cupola is mostly made of redwood that's painted to match the building's bricks and white trim. The tower roof, sills and eaves are clad in 24 gauge copper sheeting. The sundial frames and gnomons are 14 gauge copper sheet. The weathervane is also copper. The copper parts are not coated with lacquer so that they will patina naturally over time.

Important Technical Information about Sundials on Cupolas: Here

Free Sundial Cupola Construction Plans:

Here are my CAD drawings of the Sundial Cupola Plans and Assembly Instructions. They are not copywrited and you may use them for free. The PDF files let you see the plans using Adobe Acrobat Reader, but won't let you change them or use them in a CAD program. But PDF files are convenient for viewing, emailing, printing and plotting. If you give the Construction Plan PDF file to a blueprint shop, they can plot it out on a piece of 36" wide x 120" long bond paper. The original Delta Cad files let you change the drawings if you have Delta Cad software. The DXF files also let you change them using other CAD programs such as AutoCAD. These drawings were updated October 1, 2005.

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