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Commissioning a Sundial

Artists and their Painted Wall Sundials

If you want to commission a custom-made painted wall sundial, you will need to find a painter (or muralist), a professional sundial designer and a metal worker to make the gnomon. You'll need to work together to complete the project. The Sundial Designers and Makers links below will help you find sundial designers. Or you can find them in the Information & References page along with photos of the sundials they have made. There are a few sundial designers who are also artisans who make sundials. Most painters and sundial designers show photographs of their work in their websites enabling you to select a person whose artistic style pleases you. They should be able to provide you with a price estimate for design and assembly of the commissioned project. You probably can find a painter or muralist in your phone directory, at the Art Department of a university, or by searching the internet. A professional sign painter may also be able to do the painting.

Links to Sundial Designers & Makers

Sundial Organizations
Sundials on the Internet
North American Sundial Society Artisans links
Sundials on the Internet - Makers links
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Links to Artists

Frescoes, Murals, Faux-Finishes: http://dmoz.org/Arts/Visual_Arts/Painting/Frescoes,_Murals,_Faux-Finishes/
Find a Muralist: http://www.findamuralist.com/
Ben Long Fine Art: http://www.benlongfineart.com/


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