Stained Glass Sundials
Including Etched Glass, Plastic, Mosaic and Ceramic Sundials
By John L. Carmichael (author) and Dave Bell (webmaster)
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Design & Construction
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Window Design and Assembly Steps
Window Location
Designing the Sundial Face Pattern
Gnomon Types
Gnomon Design and Attachment
Sundial Pattern Testing
Materials and Tools
Glass Painting
Glass Joining Techniques
Mosaic and Ceramic Sundial Assembly Methods
Glossaries for Sundials and Stained Glass
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In the links above we discuss the most important technical aspects uniquely associated with making glass sundial windows. We also discuss mosaic and ceramic sundials. In addition to literature and websites, beginning glass artisans should take a stained glass class at a local stained glass shop. Regional sundial and stained glass societies are excellent information sources. Also, both trades have helpful email discussion groups where experts will help you. If you're a beginner sundial designer or glass artisan and want to learn even more, refer to the links in the Commissioning a Sundial and the References pages.

Again, it must be stressed that in order for any sundial to function correctly, the sundial face and gnomon must be mathematically calculated by a qualified sundial designer for a specific latitude and longitude. If a glass artisan simply tries to copy an existing sundial design from the website Image Archive, be forewarned that it probably will not function correctly because it more than likely was designed for a different location. A flawed sundial design could hurt your reputation and business as a glass sundial maker. If you go to all the effort to make a glass sundial, it might as well keep the correct time!


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